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Pair of MC4 connectors (male-female)


The MC4 Male & Female connector are used to connect several solar panels or groups of solar panels in a solar field, and they are normally used in parallel applications.

The pin is made of high quality machined copper and a sealed tip that can ensure excellent electrical contact.

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The MC4 Solar Panel Connectors are the most recommended to ensure a good connection between the connectors that already include the solar panels and our electrical installation. A cable crimper is required to make a firm connection between the connector's metal stem and the electrical wiring. The polarity of the MC4 Solar Panel Connectors must be taken into account since the sign printed on each connector may not coincide with the cable that we are going to connect it.

Characteristics of MC4 Male & Female Connectors

Durable PPO material, lightweight, portable and easy to use.

With excellent aging resistance and UV resistance, it can be used in harsh environment.

You do not need additional instruments for plug removal and removal will not cause any damage to the plugs.

Solid male and female points with a stable self-locking system that is easy to lock and open.

The contacts look like silver copper, which means it has excellent conductivity. The connectors bond so well, with a positive locking mechanism.


Nominal Voltage: 1000V

Rated Current: 30A (4.0mm2, 6mm2)

Test Voltage: 6000 V (50 Hz)

Degree of Protection: IP67

Flammability Classification: UL94-V0

Connector Conductive Material: copper, tin

Operating Temperature Range: -40 ℃ ~ + 90 ℃

Security Level: Ⅱ

Adapter Cable: 2.5mm2 / 4mm2 / 6mm2 (AWG 12/14/10)

Connector Contact Resistance: ≤5mΩ

Insertion Force ≤ 50 N

Extraction Force ≥50 N


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