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EV Charger and Solar Inverter| SolarEdge SE5000H

SolarEdge VE SE5000H

SolarEdge offers an Inverter-Charger for Electric Vehicles, 2 in 1, it is an inverter that has a charger for VE, the equipment combines solar energy and the use of the grid to charge electric vehicles and supply the consumption of the living place. Using the "Solar Boost Mode" system, the SolarEdge charges 2.5 times faster than a normal VE charger, it is also much cheaper.

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About the VE SolarEdge SE5000H Inverter Charger

It is a compact SolarEdge solution that combines a grid solar inverter and an electric vehicle charger. The solution is designed to supply household consumption and charge electric cars with maximum energy efficiency. The SolarEdge SE5000H VE Inverter-Charger optimizes solar energy and grid usage to the maximum for the simultaneous supply of domestic consumption and charging of electric cars. The innovative "Solar Boost Mode" system that uses DC DC power combined with the grid to make EV charging faster and more efficient.

General Characteristics Inverter Charger VE SolarEdge SE5000H

Smart scheduling to use with hourly usage rates (TOU), charge from the network during peak hours

Monitoring of PV, EV and grid energy consumption to maintain visibility and control of domestic energy consumption

Remote control via mobile app, enable and disable charging directly from your smartphone

Indication of charge duration, charge energy and percentage of charge with PV energy

Easy start-up of the inverter directly from the smartphone through the SetApp mobile application

12 years warranty

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Charging VE Inverter Monitoring VE SolarEdge SE5000H

Monitorización Inversor Cargador VE

Charging VE Inverter Comparative SolarEdge

Comaparative Charging VE inverter SolarEdge

Ficha Técnica Inversor Cargador VE SolarEdge

Download Data Sheet Charging VE Inverter SolarEdge

Data Sheet Charger VE Inverter SolarEdge

SolarEdge VE SE5000H

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