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Ampere power manager SQUARE S 3,3kWh

AMPERE Square S PV3.3

Lithium Batteries for Self-consumption Ampere SQUARE 3,3 kWh

Lithium Batteries for Self-consumption SQUARE S 3.3kWh are more than a great team of lithium batteries, this is a great smart energy manager, thanks to its innovative software will make efficient storage and consumption in an automated way.

The innovative energy manager for self-consumption consists of:

Lithium batteries for self-consumption + bidirectional inverter + energy meter + control unit with AMPi operating system.

This self-consumption solar energy equipment has a load capacity of 3.3kWh that allows covering a large part of the energy consumption of a medium-sized apartment.

With Photovoltaic Connection Input

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About the Energy Manager SQUARE S Consumption 3.3kWh

It is an Autconsumo solar kit that works intelligently, that is, the equipment is configured according to the energy needs in this case of the house. The Ampere equipment has revolutionized the solar energy sector for self-consumption proposing a spectacular team consisting of lithium batteries for self-consumption, a bidirectional hybrid inverter and software designed to take full control of the energy consumption of the home.

The SQUARE S 3.3kWh range S self-consumption energy manager is the smallest in the Ampere product line and is designed for residential use with connection input to solar panels.

Characteristics Manager Energy Self-consumption SQUARE S 3,3kWh

Download technical sheet Ampere Power SQUARE 3,3Kw

To make inquiries about the product contact us we will advise you on the self-consumption equipment, and we will offer you the best of the available options.

Smart Energy Purchase

This new system of Solar Energy Autoconsumo is essential when the production of photovoltaic solar panels is scarce.

Thanks to the weather forecast, the team calculates when it will be necessary to connect to the grid and buy the energy when it is cheaper.

The combination of photovoltaic production and Intelligent Energy Purchase allows the user to increase the profitability of the equipment, optimize resources and obtain greater savings.

The energy manager for self-consumption uses all existing energy resources using 100% of the resources of the photovoltaic solar panels and minimizing the input of network energy, buying in the valley zone of the night tariff 

Lithium Battery

The battery guarantees solar self-consumption in each home 24 hours a day. In addition, the owners will use clean energy and collaborate with a more sustainable world.

On the other hand, each user will have a very high monthly savings, since they will hardly have to pay the electric bill. We calculate that, for users with an expenditure of € 200 / month in electricity, they will have a saving of more than € 30,000 in 15 years.

Ampere Energy products have a new uninterrupted back-up system that ensures the continuity of their activity in the event of a power failure.

This system is a great support both for residential use, and for businesses that need energy continuously. During a power outage, the system maintains its power for the next few hours, supplying power.


Enjoy your solar energy 24 hours a day

How work 


 How work


Ampere Energy is not only a product; it’s an integrated service. From our systems department, we offer guidance and advice, as well as the necessary resources in order for the user to fully enjoy the equipment.

From the beginning, the company offers personalized advice by recommending the equipment and capacity to each user in order to assure a more ef cient consumption. Subsequently, Ampere Energy is responsible for recommending the closest installer, depending on the area where the user is located. The installation is done in just a few hours and on the same day, it will be connected and ready to work.

In order to implement “smart energy purchase”, the user must have the hourly discrimination rate. The process of changing the rate is very simple and effective because it allows a more ef cient and sustainable consumption, even if the weather does not permit it.

Once the equipment is installed, each user forms part of Ampere Community and has the option of allowing a permanent monitoring of the system, to ensure optimum performance. In the event that any problems are given, Ampere Energy will contact directly with the customer to keep them informed.


Our intelligent system is called AMPi.

Thanks to its predictive system, it can precisely control all the energy and implement customized recommendations so your consumption can be as ef cient as possible.

AMPi, by means of an APP, monitors all the energy the household consumes, generates, stores and uses throughout the day.

All of the information is stored in the user’s pro le, along with the consumer’s habits, weather forecast and grid demand; enable AMPi to achieve maximum energy efciency.

BACK-UP system

In case of a failure in the power grid, Ampere Energy products have a back-up system that automatically responds to the user and ensures continuity in its activity. This system is a great support for both residential use and for large-scale consumers that need uninterrupted power.

During a power outage, the system maintains its power during the next few hours, providing a continuous supply of energy and eliminating the need to seek another temporary solution. In these cases, the owners of these establishments can obtain a great return on their investment and also, ensure the quality and continuity of electricity service.

AMPERE Square S PV3.3

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