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Lithium Battery Tesvolt TS25 14,4kWh


The Tesvolt TS25 14.4kWh is a modular lithium battery of 4.8kWh at 48V expandable in modules up to 24kWh, the rack cabinet of the TS25 (1300x600x600) is compatible with SMA Sunny Island solar inverters. Very efficient batteries, with a useful life of up to 30 years and 8000 cycles. It also incorporates the innovative bidirectional cell leveling technology, making the Tesvolt battery one of the most efficient on the market. Ideal for self-consumption and isolated systems, commercial and industrial applications. Compact and flexible design.


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About the Tesvolt TS25 14.4 Battery

The Tesvolt TS is not only one of the most efficient batteries on the market but it is also one of the most flexible, consisting of the latest generation lithium battery modules with 4.8VW 48V capacity. The Tesvolt is designed to last 30 years and 8000 cycles, guaranteeing a long service life. TS storage systems can store energy and release it just as quickly. They are systems designed with the needs of industry, commerce and agriculture in mind.

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Advantages of Tesvolt TS25 Battery 14,4kWh

Easily expanded into 4.8kWh modules

3 rack models-different cabinets

Battery modules optimized for use with the SMA Sunny Island

Manufactured to last more than 30 years and 8000 cycles

1C fast charge

Safe battery technology

Baterías Tesvolt TS25

Load displacement

Reduce consumption peaks and save money by reducing the size of the network connection.

Emergency Energy

In case of a power cut, the system is optimized to provide power in a fraction of a second.

Power supply outside the network

Set up your own electrical network, for example in conjunction with a photovoltaic system.

Greater Self-consumption

Use more of the energy you have generated and save electricity costs.

TS storage systems can be adapted flexibly to suit your application. The desired capacity can be built in increments of 4.8 kWh. An active power unit (APU) can control up to 16 battery modules. Three different racks are available as housing for up to 5, 8 or 10 battery modules. The single-phase or three-phase connection and the connected load determine the number of battery inverters required.

Configurations Battery Tesvolt TS25 14,4kWh 


Technical Specifications Battery Tesvolt TS 25 14,4kWh

Buy batteries Tesvolt TS25 14,4kWh

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