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BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS 5,1kWh-12,8kWh - HV Battery


The new generation of high voltage BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS has been designed in response to user demand to offer one of the best storage systems for self-consumption facilities and off-grid photovoltaic installations.

Available models: BYD Battery-Box HVS 5.1kWh,7.7kWh, 10.2kWh and 12.8kWh

Dimensions: 712x585x298mm Weight: 91kg (BYD Battery-Box HVS 5.1) For more details, please refer to the data sheet.

The new BYD Battery-Box HVS is compatible with most single-phase hybrid inverters on the market such as Ingeteam, Fronius or Kostal inverters. Please consult our team if you have doubts about the compatibility of your solar inverter.

* Technical support not included. Eligible separately here.

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BYD Box HVS 200-500V New HV Lithium Battery

BYD presents its new generation of lithium batteries for storing energy in photovoltaic installations. BYD is one of the leading manufacturers of batteries and electric mobility solutions. The new Battery-BOX will be available in 48V and high voltage models. The modular design allows for flexible expansion and use in off-grid, back-up mode and self-consumption connected to the grid.

Available models: BYD Battery-Box HVS 5.1kWh | BYD Battery-Box HVS 7.7kWh | BYD Battery-Box HVS 10.2kWh | BYD Battery-Box HVS 12.8kWh

Technical Data BYD B-BOX HVS Premium


BYD B-Box HVS Premium High Voltage Lithium Battery Features

 batería de alto voltaje byd b-box premium hvs                          

BYD Battery Box HVS 200-500V

- Modular design for easy and flexible installation.

- Module capacity: from 5.1kWh to 12.8kWh

- Up to 3 complete units can be connected in parallel to reach a capacity of 38.4kWh.

- Compatibility with most single-phase and three-phase inverters on the market: Ingeteam, Fornius, Kostal...

- Lithium battery (LFP). Increased safety, service life and performance.

- It works in grid-connected installations and isolated photovoltaic installations.

- Modules can be stacked for expansion without the need for extra wiring or connections.

- Maximum flexibility. Ideal for systems that want to expand capacity in the future.

¿How the new BYD Premium HVS differs from the previous BYD HV?

byd premium hvs vs byd hv comparative

Compatibility of the new generation of high voltage BYD B-BOX PREMIUM HVS batteries

Although the new generation of BYD promises to be highly compatible with most inverters on the market, we recommend contacting our technical team before purchasing or installing. The current BYD HV battery is compatible with Ingeteam, Fronius or Kostal single-phase and three-phase inverters, among others.

Technical Data for BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS from 5,1kWh to 12,8kWh

technical data sheet byd b-box hvs

Buy BYD B-BOX Premium HVS HV Battery

In Suministros del Sol you can buy the new generation of BYD B-Box Premium lithium batteries in 48V and high voltage versions. We offer lithium batteries for self-consumption or isolated installations of all powers at an economic price and with the maximum quality and manufacturer's guarantee. For more information about these batteries, please contact us and we will help you without obligation in your photovoltaic project.


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