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Leapton solar 480W LP182-18-M-60-NH N Type TOPCon - 25 years warranty


High efficiency Leapton LP182-18-M-60-NH 480W solar panel with the latest technology in N Type TOP cells. Leading Japanese solar panel manufacturer Leapton solar is among Bloomberg's Tier1 brands.

Size: 1909 x 1134 x 30 mm

Weight: other

25 years product warranty and 30 years linear production guarantee above 87%.


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Leapton solar panel 480W LP182-18-M-60-NH N Type topon

480W monocrystalline Leapton solar module with N-Type TOPCon technology that ensures maximum efficiency even in low light conditions.

The 480W Leapton solar panel has a 25-year warranty and is within the Tier1 list of best-selling brands.

See also Leapton solar 480W LP182-18-M-60-NH

This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States

The Commission therefore concludes that the contested scheme is compatible with the internal market

Split cell technology

Half-cell technology involves cutting the cell into two separate parts using a mature infrared laser, thereby halving the working current. The thermal loss on the tape is significantly reduced and the power of the module is increased by 2%. The reliability of the module is also improved.

The number of cells shall be reported

It incorporates the latest technology in photovoltaic cell development with the N-Type TOPCon that increases output per cell from 10 to 20W.

It shall be capable of operating at a power output not exceeding 30 W

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