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Solar Water Pumps | Well Water Pumps

Solar Pumping Kits


Solar water pumping kits for direct irrigation or tanks without batteries

Water pumps are devices that are used to suck water or fill wells, ponds or reservoirs, the pump transforms the solar energy from the solar panels through the solar inverter in rotating mechanics. Solar water pumps offer multiple applications in homes, orchards, direct irrigation systems, farms, ponds, reservoirs, well pumps ... etc. The solar pumping kit will start up when the solar panels generate the minimum amperage, then the solar pump starts up and continues working until the solar panels lower their level of energy production.

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Aspects to consider when choosing the solar pumping kit

There are different types of water pumps according to needs, we offer pressure water pumps, surface water pumps, well water pumps according to the depth. submersible water pumps, metal water pumps, plastic water pumps, solar and conventional water pumps. The solar pumping have the particularity that when operating with solar panels depend on them, then the water flow will vary depending on the solar panels that we install and the power of the pump, if we put few solar panels and the water pump is very powerful it is probable that the system is unbalanced and does not work optimally, and on the contrary if we put many panels and the solar pump is of low power the system will not be efficient when producing more energy than we consume. For this reason it is necessary to study each particular case and define what will be its application, whether direct solar pumping for irrigation or a solar water pumping system to fill reservoirs or ponds.

The market offers a multitude of combinations to form the solar pump kit, from pumps that operate at 12v, 24v and the conventional ones that we use at 220v. Thus we must take into account for the choice of solar panels, the solar inverter, the type of pump and power to be efficient and effective. The guarantee of all water pumps is generally 2 years.

In Suministros del Sol we offer a wide range of solar and conventional pumping kits so you can choose and buy the one that best suits your needs, we also have the best brands and manufacturers in the market of solar pumps and solar pumping equipment. If you have any questions, contact us, we will advise you and we will study the alternative improvement with the best quality and market price.