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4CV submersible pump kit

Kit bombeo solar

Kit solar water pump of 4cv of power composed of 20x solar panels 260w mppt, 1x submersible water pump Three-phase 4cv, 1x solar inverter Ifosun IV40.

Ideal solar water pump for use in ponds and wells, direct irrigation or drip irrigation. The solar water pump 4cv is capable of extracting up to 15,000 liter / day at a maximum depth of 50 meters.

Features solar kit water pump:

Max height 50m

Max flow 15,000 Liters / h

Max power 4CV

Distribution panel, protections & wires
  • Without kit
  • With kit
Buoys and level probes Kit
  • Without kit
  • With kit
Aluminium panel mounting Kit
  • No panels mountig kit
  • Panel mounting kit on roof tile
  • Panel mounting kit on flat roof
  • Raised panel mounting kit (2 rows)
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For optimum operation of your pump, it must be calculated according to the flow rate, the depth of the well and the height of the tank; If you wish we will be happy to help you select the pump most suitable to your installation, contact us.


Submersible solar pump 4CV

  • Maximum height: 50m
  • Max flow rate: 15,000 liters / h
  • Solar generator: 20 panels of 260 W


Kit Composition

  • x1 Solar pump of 4CV of max.
  • x1 Ifosun IV40 pump controller.
  • x20 Solar panels 260W.
  • Instructions to facilitate the installation.



The system works with the energy that the panels of the sun receive directly without using batteries. The pump will work between 6 and 8 hours a day, depending on the time of year you are. The pump starts to run when the plates receive the minimum solar radiation to start, then start to draw water and transport it to a reservoir or directly to irrigation of its plantation.



  • Potable water supply
  • Filling of water tanks
  • Direct irrigation
  • Etc.


High precision and long life.

Kit bombeo solar

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