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Ingecon Sun Storage 100TL 100kW + CATL battery 110kWh - Storage of industrial energy

Three-phase storage kit Ingecon Storage 100TL + CATL battery for commercial or industrial use. This kit is ideal for businesses with three-phase connection and installation of up to 100kW of power. *

- Inverter: Ingecon Sun 3PLAY Storage 100TL STD

- Battery:CATL battery 110kWh  (Contact us if you want to customize this battery)

- The monitoring kit: EMS Board + EM24DIN Vattemeter up to and including 65A

* Electrical protection and wiring: Please contact us to add electrical protection and wiring to your offer



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Pack description

Ingecon Sun Storage 100TL 100kW + CATL battery 110kWh - Storage of industrial energy

Pack content

The Ingecon Sun Storage 100TL is a two-way battery inverter without a transformer that can deliver 100kW of rated power. It is fully equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet communications as well as the main electrical protections.

Size: 315x720x905 mm

Weight: 80 kg

Ingecon Sun 3PLAY Storage 100TL STD - Inverter and charger Ingeteam of 100 kW

The battery charger inverter of Ingeteam, Ingecon Sun 3PLAY Storage 100TL belongs to the family of three-phase inverters for large-scale commercial and industrial storage systems.

 The Commission shall adopt implementing acts laying down detailed rules for the application of this Regulation

Further information

Lower operating costs

Thanks to the wireless communication network that can be established with the INGECON® SUN STORAGE 100TL, the storage system can be set up, monitored and controlled wirelessly. In addition, its string inverter philosophy allows for easy and quick replacement that does not require skilled technicians.

Increased flexibility and power density

The greater flexibility is possible thanks to its high maximum DC voltage indices (1,100 V) and its wide input voltage range (570-850 V). High power density, with 100 kW on an inverter of only 80 kg.

Durable and robust design

Aluminium envelope, specially designed for indoor and outdoor installations (IP65). The design of the INGECON® SUN STORAGE 3Play family ensures maximum durability over time and the best performance, even in extreme temperatures.

Ethernet and Wi-Fi as standard

This battery inverter features Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications as standard. These communications, together with the web server that integrates the computer, allow a fast and reliable start-up using a mobile phone, a Tablet or a portable PC. In addition, it is compatible with external Cloud Connect.

EMS inside

This inverter has an EMS (Energy Management System) as standard. This component enables advanced functionalities such as constant monitoring of energy production and storage via the The app is called Ingecon Sun Monitor.

Standard warranty of 5 years, extendable to 25 years

Technical data sheet investor Ingeteam Ingecon Sun 3PLAY Storage is 100TL STD

Communication and monitoring kit for systems with Ingeteam 1Play and 3Play inverters

- EMS Board communications card Wifi connectivity, Ethernet and RS485.

- Carlo Gavazzi EM24DIN compatible wattmeter for installations + 65A.

Accessory kit Ingeteam EMS + Wattmeter + 65A

One of the most powerful and feature-rich inverters on the market, Ingeteam's 1PLAY and 3PLAY series, require this communication kit to manage and control the generation and consumption of our self-consumption installation.

On the one hand we have a communication card that provides our system with WIFI connectivity and on the other hand the compatible wattmeter Carlo Gavazzi EM24DIN for single-phase or three-phase installations + 65A.