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Axpert VM 4 TWIN 6K

Solar inverter for installations not connected to the power grid. The new Voltronic Axpert VM 4 TWIN 4K model has dual output for intelligent load management. Designed with an FV input current of 27 A, TWIN supports the market trend to increase the Imp in solar panels.

Power: 6 000 W

Battery compatible: 48V

Size: 119x313,6x457,5 mm

Weight: other


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Inverter characteristics for insulated Axpert VM 4 TWIN 6K

The new Voltronic Axpert equipment, model Axpert VM 4 TWIN 4K is characterized by offering a wide range of FV input voltages, from 60VCC to 450VCC. These characteristics reduce the number of solar panels needed in the system and save space.

This equipment for off-grid installations has two outputs, ideal for smarter load management. The second output can be programmed as on/off and through the LCD panel the SOC cut-off voltage and many other parameters can be quickly set.

 Download the technical file Axpert VM 4 TWIN 6K

Download the installation manual Axpert VM 4 TWIN 6K

Summary of main features of Axpert VM 4 TWIN 6K

- Double exits for intelligent cargo management.

- maximum photovoltaic input current of 27 A.

- Wide range of FV input voltage: 60 VCC to 450 VCC.

- Datachable LCD control module with various communications.

- Wifi integrated for mobile monitoring (application available).

- Compatible with USB On-the-Go function

- Reserved communication port (RS-485, CAN-BUS or RS-232) for BMS.

- Battery independence.

- Easy to use LCD operation.

- Replaceable fan.

Axpert VM 4 TWIN 6K

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