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Support for panels in flat roof (2000x1000)


The supports can be oriented correctly to the panels improving the performance of your solar installation. The structure is made of high strength aluminum and stainless steel.

Dimensions of the panels: 2000x1000

Installation: Vertical

Inclination: 30º

Does not include screw or threaded rod for fixing the bars to the roof or deck.


Add as many rows to your shopping cart as necessary. For Example: To install 7 solar panels in two rows of 3 and 4 panels, you will have to add to your cart 1 row of 3 panels and another row of 4 panels. It is not possible to buy a single row of 7 panels and then make the distribution in more than one row because the components included may vary.

Number of solar panels per row to be installed:
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Designed to improve its durability outdoors, complies with the regulations regarding its chemical composition, mechanical and tolerances S / EN573-3, S / EN755-2 and U.N.E.-EN 755-9: 2001. In addition, the support legs are made of anodised aluminum and A2-70 stainless steel screws are used in compliance with DIN / ISO 4759, DIN / ISO 3269, DIN / ISO 3506, DIN / ISO 8992 and DIN / ISO 267.

These models are installed on ground, the inclination of the upper part is 30º, ideal for the optimal orientation of the solar panels, in addition to the physical characteristics of these supports it is advisable to ensure the correct choice of their location, making the most of the hours of sun and avoiding shadows that harm the good functioning of solar equipment as a whole.

The layout of the panels will be 1 rows per number of panels and are placed horizontally.

These supports allow you to correctly orient the panels improving the performance of your solar installation. With an inclination of the anchoring surface of 30º with respect to its horizontal axis and we can locate it on any surface with or without screws. The structure is made of high strength aluminum and the hardware is made of stainless steel.

Dimensions of the panels: 1650 x 1000.

Raw aluminum

Inclination 30º.


The package includes all the material and accessories necessary for assembly, both screws and accessories for the anchoring of solar panels. In addition, an instruction manual is included.

The compatibility of the solar panels with the support or structure must be ensured.

For elevated structures ELV or for other structures and supports as well as the rest of the components of the photovoltaic installation from Suministros del Sol we recommend that the assembly, configuration and testing be carried out by qualified personnel. We are not responsible for problems associated with poor assembly and handling by unqualified and authorized personnel.

To offer an integral and quality service we offer our team of professional and experienced installers, with them you will not have to worry and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Suministros del Sol offers to advise you and help you in everything you need to choose your solar equipment.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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