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Trina solar HONEY BLACK TSM-DD06M 315W - Monocrystaline Full Black

Trina HoneyBlack TSM-DD06M

The Trina Solar TSM-DD06M panel from the HONEY BLACK series is a 315W monocrystalline module with 120 Half-Cell cells from Trinasolar, one of the leading manufacturers of TIER 1 category photovoltaic solutions. Trinasolar solar panels come with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power warranty, with efficiencies ranging from 80% to 97.5% over the 25 years.

Panel dimensions:  1698*1004*35mm | Weight: 18,7Kg

The Half-Cell technology offered by the new TrinaSolar solar module series increases efficiency by resisting losses due to current or shading.

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HONEY BLACK 315W Trinasolar full-black panel with 120 Half-Cell cells

The 315W monocrystalline solar panel from Trinasolar HONEY BLACK TSM-DD06M is ideal for residential and industrial self-consumption solar installations. Modules of high quality and resistance, made of monocrystalline silicon with silver frame with white backing sheet.

This series of solar modules from Trina Solar is a very versatile product because despite its size it can offer large amounts of energy and is compatible with most components of photovoltaic installations. 


TrinaSolar TallMax solar panels can be combined with state-of-the-art lithium batteries as well as traditional lead-acid and GEL/AGM batteries with their corresponding charge regulator. In Suministros del Sol we offer solar panels of recognized world-wide prestige as well as in all its components, as much in its solar inverters, solar panels, charge regulators and batteries for solar facilities.

Features TrinaSolar HONEY BLACK de 315W FULL BLACK PANEL 


Excellent performance in low light and cloudy conditions.

TrinaSolar solar panels feature advanced surface texturization, subsequent cell passivation and a selective emitter to provide maximum performance in low light conditions.

Make the most of your roof. Greater efficiency with Half-Cell technology

TrinaSolar's 120 monocrystalline cell modules can deliver up to 315W of power with Half-Cell technology.

Reliability thanks to rigorous quality control.

All Trina Solar solar panels pass an electroluminescence inspection and over 30 factory tests. In addition, these modules are resistant to degradation induced by electrical potentials and are UL1000V/IEC1000V certified.

Certified for use under extreme environmental conditions.

Resistant to gusts of wind of 130km/h (2400Pa).

Snow loads of up to 900kg per module (5400Pa)

Hail from 35mm to 97km/h.

Resistant to ammonia, salt spray and abrasion from sand and dust.

Applications of the TrinaSolar HONEY BLACK 315W panel with 120 cells

Buying a 120-cell Trina Solar full black panel has many applications. It can be applied in solar installations for self-consumption of connection to the grid and in isolated installations always with its corresponding solar regulator and solar inverter. Applications in solar installations in residential houses, the industrial sector and in the agricultural sector in solar water pumping installations. 

Technical specifications TrinaSolar Honey Black Solar Panel TSM-DD06M 340W/120cel.

trina solar honey black 315w full black

Installation manual for Trina Solar tallmax solar panels

Trina Solar Warranty Sheet

Buy TrinaSolar HONEY BLACK solar panels.

In Suministros del Sol you can buy TrinaSolar HONEY BLACK solar panels, in addition to other powers and dimensions. We offer solar panels of all powers at an economical price and with the highest quality and manufacturer's warranty. For more information about solar panels, please contact us. We will help you with your solar panel installation project without any obligation.

Trina HoneyBlack TSM-DD06M

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