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AXITEC 280W 60Cel. Solar Panel


AXITEC 280W Solar panel 

Axipower Solar panel 280W of 60Cells from German brand AXITEC, polycrystalline solar panels manufactured with high quality materials. The AXITEC solar panel has a 15-year 90% guarantee and 85% power after 25 years, 1-8% more than average compared to other similar panels. Ideal for self-consumption, residential and industrial installations, as well as applications in isolated installations.

Dimensions: 1640x992x35mm | Weight: 18kg

A reliable, efficient solar panel manufactured with high quality materials covered by a large German brand.

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AXITEC 280W 60Cel. Solar Panel 

El panel solar policristalino de 280W AXITEC AxiPower AC-280P/60S es ideal para instalaciones solares de autoconsumo e industriales, son paneles de gran calidad y resistencia, fabricado en silicio policristalino. El panel solar AXITEC 280W es el que ofrece más potencia de la gama de AXITEC en 60Cel. y cuenta con marco de aluminio adonizado de alta calidad de 40mm, protección IP67 frente a polvo y agua.

Technical Data Sheet for AXITEC 280W 60Cel.

Los paneles solares axipower de 280W 60cel. AXITEC se pueden combinar con baterías de plomo-acido y GEL/AGM con su correspondiente regulador de carga. En Suministros del Sol ofertamos paneles solares de reconocido prestigio mundial así como en todos sus componentes, tanto en sus inversores solares, placas solares, reguladores de carga y baterías para instalaciones solares. 

Technical characteristics for AXITEC 280 60cel. Solar Panel


Maximun 5400 Pa snow load

The AXITEC 280W solar panel supports snow loads of up to 5400 Pa, the stiffness and robustness of the solar panel plus the high quality and resistance killings make the AXITEC solar panel one of the strongest on the market. The frame is 4cm high-quality adonized aluminum and tempered white glass front 3.2mm low reflection.


15 years manufacturer´s warranty

Solar panel AXITEC 280w 60Cel. has a 15-year guarantee at 90% of the nominal power and 25 years at 85% of the rated power, the German brand provides ample warranty to its photovoltaic solar modules. To consult the conditions of the guarantee, consult the manufacturer's warranty annex.


100% electroluminescence inspection

In this way AXITEC solar panels pass the quality tests carried out in the electroluminescence chamber, this method guarantees the correct functioning of the solar panel as well as certifying the good functioning and performance for which it was designed.


Guaranteed positive power tolerance from 0-5Wp by individual measurement

The AXITEC photovoltaic solar panel guarantees more than 0.5Wp of positive power for each module measured individually in each module. The German brand guarantees that the specified power is that offered without limits or reductions in its specifications.


High quality junction box and connector systems

The safety of the connection box of the AXITEC panel is certified with the degree of protection IP67 which implies high resistance to dust and high protection against water, both the connection box and the MC4 connectors of each module. 


Highest performance due to specifically selected technologies and materials

Front side composed of tempered white glass 3.2mm low reflection, 72 high-performance poly crystalline cells (156mm x 156mm 6 ") Aluminum frame adonizado to 40mm silver.

AXITEC 280W 60Cel. Solar panel applications 

The solar panel AXITEC 280W 60Cel. it can be applied in solar self-consumption systems connected to the grid and in isolated installations, always with its corresponding solar regulator and solar inverter. Its use is common in installations where the size of the panel is not important to install them. Applications in solar installations in residential homes, the industrial sector and in the agricultural sector in solar water pumping installations.

Technical specifications AXITEC 280W 60Cel. Solar Panel 


Buy AXITEC 280W 60Cel. Solar panels 

In Suministros del Sol you can buy AXITEC solar panels 280W 60Cel. of all the models, as well as other powers and dimensions. We offer solar panels of all powers at an economical price and with the highest quality and manufacturer's guarantee. For more information about solar panels consult us we will help you without compromise in your project of installation of solar panels.


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