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Goodwe Solar Kit 19000Whday and lithium battery

Kit solar Goodwe 19000Wh

Goodwe Solar kit self-consumption with lithium batteries, producing up to 19000Whday. The solar kit consists of 1x Inverter GoodWe GW3648-EM with intelligent electric current regulator and monitoring system12x solar panels 280W 60Cell, 2x lithium battery Pylontech 2.5Kwh 48V (option to other batteries). It is applied on residential homes, country houses, both for regular use and weekends.  

The kit self-consumption intelligently and efficiently manages energy sources, combines solar energy and grid, with zero injection.

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Self Consumption Goodwe Solar Kit 19000Whday with Pylontech Lithium Batteries

Autoconsumption solar kit with lithium battery designed to produce up to 19000Whday, the kit has been designed taking into account an estimate of peak sun hours. It has been taken as minimum in winter 3 hours and for summer a minimum of 7 hours of sunshine.

To know if this kit is suitable for your needs, you must know what will be the consumption of the installation. In order to know the total daily consumption, you must make a list with the devices you are going to connect, the power (W) of each of them and the expected operating time in hours per day.

Dimension Solar Kit with Batteries

For example, if you have 4 points of light of 9W during 5 hours a day and a medium size class A+ refrigerator with freezer, your daily consumption in lighting is 4x9x5 =180 Wh/day. A refrigerator consumes between 600Wh/day and 800Wh/day. The sum of all these daily consumptions will be the total, that is, between 780Wh/day and 980Wh/day you need the kit to generate you.

Components Kit Autoconsumption Goodwe 19000Wh

12x 280w solar panels

PVoltaic solar panels 280W 60Cel. grid connection (MPPT) made in Europe with a guarantee of 25 years, are solar panels made of polycrystalline silicon, the most used in today's market for its enormous reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. The 280w solar panels consist of 60 cells, also called grid connection cells. Grid-connected solar panels should be used with solar regulators such as MPPT.


The energy production of these panels rounds with the estimate in winter and summer about 1000w in winter and about 2000w in summer. The solar panels of 280 offered in the solar kit come with approximately 1 meter of cable with quick connectors MC4.


*The brands of solar panels included may vary depending on availability at the time of order. Jinko Solar, TrinaSolar or Amerisolar are some of our trusted brands, but if you want any other or a change to 330W panels, please contact us!>.


GoodWe GW3648-EM Inverter

The GoodWe GW3648-EM, up to 3600W 48V power with single-phase output is one of the brands with the best value for money, the GoodWe inverter can operate both in off grid systems and in grid connection systems, fulfills the functions of solar charger, solar regulator and can operate in parallel. It is complemented with the EzMeter anti-spill clamp, injection 0.

The GoodWe GW3648-EM incorporates WIFI monitoring through the EzLogger Pro, a device developed by GoodWe that reads and records the key data of the system and transmits them over the Internet to the GoodWe portal.

View more information about the GoodWe GW3648-EM inverter

2x Pylontech Lithium Battery 2,5kWh 

The solar kit consists of 2x lithium battery Pylontech 2.5kWh (default) expandable into modules to reach capacities of 10kWh. To expand capacity consult us on expanding the capacity of batteries per modules.

Lithium batteries do not need maintenance, and offer a much higher performance than traditional lead acid batteries..


1x Goodwe Intelligent Current Meter (Injection 0)

The GoodWe wattmeter or current regulator has been thought to offer high precision measurements; its design is compact, easy to use and install. It is available for single-phase and three-phase systems and has the ability to detect voltage, current levels and power supply. It can operate in conjunction with inverters connected to the SEMS system for smarter power management.


1x Monitoring through wifi communication 

Our new Goodwe inverter allows a complete and extensive monitoring of the consumption and power generation of our installation thanks to the built-in wifi connectivity. In addition, we can monitor at all times the level of battery charge or errors that may occur. Through mobile app we can make a monitoring in real time and share the data in multiple terminals. 


In our online store you can buy solar kit with batteries at the best price in the market, let's consult prices and we will offer the best option for your needs. For any information about the kit of auto consumption with batteries put in contact with us we will help you without commitment. 

Kit solar Goodwe 19000Wh

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