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Solara SR170CX 12/24V 10A Controller


SOLARA SR170CX 12 / 24V 10A Load Regulator.

The SOLAR SOLAR REGULATOR charges the battery according to the battery voltage and battery type at any time with an optimized charging characteristic.

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Charge Controller SOLARA SR170CX 12 / 24V 10A. Up to 680 Wh / day.

Last generation charging controller designed according to the latest technical standards available. It includes a series of outstanding features, such as:

  • Multifunctional LC Display
  • Low Voltage Disable Programmable with a new ALVD (Adaptive Low Voltage Disconnect)
  • Sophisticated night light programmable function
  • Excess Energy Management (EEM) for a better use of your solar system.
  • Full electronic protection
  • Negative earth ground

Principal functions

  • The Charge Controller protects the battery against possible overload by the solar module and prevents it from being heavily discharged by the consumptions. The load characteristics include different stages in which it automatically adapts to the ambient temperature.
  • The charge controller automatically adjusts to the 12V or 24V voltage system.
  • The button allows to manually switch the consumption on and off
  • The load controller can be programmed for lighting applications,
  • The controller has an output to control special consumptions that use the excess energy, such as those of the special solar refrigerators. In addition, it has a serial interface that can be used with an optional interface adapter.
  • The load controller has several safety and display functions.

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