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Pack 3 Pylontech Batteries US2000B 7.2kWh 48V

Pack 3 US2000B

Pack 3 battery module Pylontech US2000B Plus, the latest technological frontier proposed by Pylontech in lithium batteries, with LFP technology. The pylontech US2000B is compact with more than 6000 cycles of discharge to 90% DoD. Its design in modules allows to scale the capacity to connections of 8 modules. The Pylontech US2000B has a nominal capacity of 2400Wh at 48V. Its LFP (Iron and Lithium Phosphate) technology guarantees the highest safety and longest life cycle to meet the demand of home and industrial installations.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase a Pylontech module to expand your battery rack you will not need a cable kit. If it is the first module you buy you will need the Pylontech cable kit to connect your new battery to the solar inverter.

Cable Kit Battery-Inverter
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Pack 3 Batteries Pylontech US2000B 7.2kWh

The Pylontech US2000B 2400W / h 48V lithium battery is the latest battery system HESS Pylontech, with extensive experience in the world of energy storage the US2000B is a novel battery designed for both residential and industrial use, improving the density of the battery, better power delivery, easy installation, and improvements in loading and unloading.

See Rack de Baterías 19" battery module

See brackets for Pylontech US2000B

Download data sheet Pylontech US2000B

The simplicity and modularity of the US2000B makes it suitable to realize small (1 module only) and large (up to 8 modules) and extensible capacity accumulation systems according to current and future energy needs.

The Pylontech US2000B incorporates LiFePO4 technology

  1. Life cycle more than 6000 to 90% DoD
  2. The molecular structure of the LFP batteries is more stable and therefore more secure, which allows an increase of 600 ° C in the combustion temperature compared to 300 ° C for NMC and LCO
  3. Increased depth of discharge (90% DOD)
  4. Compact and modular design that allows easy installation / update
  5. Possibility of operating in different temperature conditions
  6. Advanced BMS that allows you to report alarms in real time

Manufacturer Warranty: 7 years (+3 extra years if you register the product in the manufacturer's web)

In order to obtain the 3 extra years of warranty given by the manufacturer, you will need to register the product in their web. You can find the form to fill HERE.

List of inverters compatible with Pylontech batteries

Consult in the following PDF the list of inverters compatible with pylontech batteries US2000, US3000 and pylontech battery Powercube X1, H1/H2 and Force H1

List of Inverters compatible with Pylontech batteries

The US2000 Pylontech battery is compatible with the following models:

- Goodwe GW-BP / SBP and GW-ES/EM

- Voltronic Axpert

- Solax Power SK-SU and SK-TL

Technical isues Pylontech US2000B 2.4kWh 48V

Buy Pack 3 Battery Pylontech US2000B 7.2Kw 48v

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Pack 3 US2000B

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