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Sharp NDAH330H 72 cells solar panel

Sharp NDAH330H

The Sharp NDAH330H solar panel is a polycrystalline module with 72 high quality cells, manufactured by a company with more than 60 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector, winner of the EUPD Research "TOP PV Brand Award".  Sharp solar modules offer all the quality seals and offer a 10-year product warranty and 25 years performance above 80%. 

Dimensions: 1956x992x35mm | Weight: 22.2kg

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Sharp NDAH330 72 cells polycrystalline solar panel.

Sharp NDAH330 solar panels offer 330W of power and feature 72 polycysstaline silicon cells. Ideal for customers looking for proven quality at the best price for self-consuming and industrial solar installations. The sharp NDAH330H solar panel comes with a 10-year warranty and certifies a performance of over 80% for at least 25 years.

Technical data sheet Sharp NDAH330H

Sharp's solar module is designed to be exposed to extreme environmental conditions. The panels have the most demanding quality seals: IEC, ISO, CE and MCS. In addition, Sharp received in 2016 the EUPD Research "TOP PV Brand Award" which recognizes the best brands in the photovoltaic solar energy sector.

Characteristics of Sharp NDAK330H 330W and 72 cells solar panel.

60 años experiencia sharp.png                            

Sharp, guarantee of the pioneers of the sector

Solar panel manufacturer Sharp has 60 years of research and development in the residential and industrial solar photovoltaic sector.

Polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules

The Sharp NDAH330H panel has 72 cells made of polycrystalline silicon, an ideal solution for those looking for a reliable solution for all types of projects at the best price.

montaje panel solar sharp.png

Horizontal or vertical installation

Sharp solar panels offer optimum performance in different positions thanks to their advanced manufacturing technology which gives them extraordinary versatility to fit the most demanding installations.

Robust design

Sharp's NDAH330H module stands out for its strength. PID test passed. Tested for use under salt spray.

5 Bus Bar Technology

Sharp solar panels feature 5-bus technology that gives you greater reliability while improving efficiency and providing less resistance in series.

Local support team in Europe

Sharp from Japan is today a large multinational with presence in all markets and local support in all European countries.

Applications of Sharp NDAH330H 72-cell solar modules.

The 330W polycrystalline Sharp solar panel can be used in grid-connected self-consuming solar installations and in isolated installations always with its corresponding solar regulator and solar inverter. They offer a good combination of quality, price and performance thanks to their 72 cells. Applications in solar installations in residential housing, the industrial sector and in the agricultural sector in solar water pumping installations.

Although sharp solar panels are compatible with the vast majority of inverters and other components of photovoltaic installations, we recommend contacting our engineers with any questions to obtain the maximum guarantee of operation. 

Technical Data for Sharp NDAH330H Polycrystaline Solar panel.

Installation manual for Sharp NDAH330H

Buy Sharp solar panel at best Internet price.

In Suministros del Sol you can buy high efficiency Sharp Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline solar panels of all models, in addition to other powers and dimensions. We offer solar panels of all powers at an affordable price and with the highest quality and manufacturer's warranty. For more information about solar panels please contact us and we will help you without obligation in your project of installation of solar panels.

Sharp NDAH330H

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