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Canadian Solar HiKu6 Mono CS6W-540MS - High Efficiency 540W Solar Panel


Solar Panel Canadian Solar HiKu6 Mono CS6W-545MS of 144cel. mono perc solar panel manufactured with high quality materials. The CanadianSolar HiKu solar panel has a 12-year product and production warranty of 83% over the firsts 25 years.

Power: 545W

Dimensions: 2254x1135x35mm | Weight: 24.9kg


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Solar Panel Canadian Solar HiKu6 Mono CS6W-545MS 545W

Solar panels CanadianSolar HiKu6 are capable of producing up from 545W, depending on the model, and have 144 cells.Ideal for customers looking for high efficiency at the best price. The CanadianSolar MaxPower solar panel comes with a 12-year warranty and certifies a performance of over 83% for at least 25 years.

Technical datasheet Canadian Solar HiKu6 Mono CS6W-545MS

Canadian Solar is one of the three biggest solar companies in the world by revenue. With more than 20 years of experience in the solar energy market, CanadianSolar employs over 13.000 people and operate on 6 continents.

Features of the CanadianSolar HiKu6 545W and 144 cells

Excellent efficiency

CanadianSolar HiKu have high module efficiency, up to 21.3%.

Long-term weather endurance

In this range of solar panels, it is used the IP68 junction box, that provides the solar panel a long-term weather endurance.

Extraordinary durability

The CanadianSolar HiKu photovoltaic solar panels have a reinforced frame structure in anodized aluminum alloy, capable of supporting up to 5400Pa of snow load and 3600Pa of wind load.

Applications of CanadianSolar HiKu6 545W 144 Cells.

The CanadianSolar HiKu6 monoperc solar panel can be used in grid-connected self-consuming solar installations and in isolated installations always with its corresponding solar regulator and solar inverter. They offer a good combination of quality, price and performance thanks to their 144 cells. Manufactured with high quality materials that allow optimal performance in any type of conditions and environments.

Although CanadianSolar solar panels are compatible with the vast majority of inverters and other components of photovoltaic installations, we recommend contacting our engineers with any questions to obtain the maximum guarantee of operation.

Technical datasheet for CanadianSolar HiKu6 CS6W-545MS 545W

CanadianSolar HiKu6 CS6W-540MS

In Suministros del Sol you can buy CanadianSolar of all the models, as well as other powers and dimensions. We offer solar panels of all powers at an economical price and with the highest quality and manufacturer's guarantee. For more information about solar panels consult us we will help you without compromise in your project of installation of solar panels.


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