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Ingeteam Solar Kit 38000Wh 20kWh Lithium Battery


Solar kit self-consumption with batteries capable of producing up to 40320Whday, the solar kit consists of 1x Inverter Ingeteam 6TL, 24x solar panels 280W 60Cell, 1x lg battery  20Kwh 48V (option to other batteries). It is applied on residential homes, country houses, both for regular use and weekends.  

The kit self-consumption intelligently and efficiently manages energy sources, combines solar energy and grid, with zero injection.

Expand your kit:


- Ingeteam monitoring system: An easy and convenient way to control the production and energy consumption of your installation.

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Kit Antivertido
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Self Consumption Ingeteam Solar Kit 40320Whday with LG Battery 20kWh

The off grid solar lithium housing kit is capable of producing up to 40320Wh a day on average per year, the kit is made up of the best components on the market, therefore, we can speak of a professional kit that improves the operation of the photovoltaic solar installation. The kit is designed for use in homes isolated from the network, photovoltaic installations without grid connection. The kit consists of one of the best solar inverters on the market, the Ingeteam 6TL and one of the best solar lithium batteries, the LG Chem RESU 10Kw lithium battery and 280W grid connection solar panels of German manufacture.

The applications of the off grid house kit with lithium battery is to terminate the connection to the network completely. The kit has two lithium batteries lg che results of 10Kw forming a total of 20KW of energy storage. In addition, for isolated photovoltaic installations, we recommend installing a diesel or gas generator set for periods of low photovoltaic solar production, cloudy periods or, in the case of high energy consumption.

Components of the 40320Wh Off Grid Solar Kit with LG Chem RESU Lithium Batteries

24x 280w photovoltaic solar panels

The solar panels chosen for the solar kit off grid housing with lithium batteries are 280w of grid connection (MPPT) of European manufacture with a guarantee of 25 years, are solar panels made of polycrystalline silicon, the most used in the current market by its enormous reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. The 280w solar panels are formed by 60 cells, also called network connection. The solar panels of connection to grid must be used with solar regulators type MPPT. If you need solar panels for home, this is the best option, efficiency, flexibility and easy installation.

The production of energy of these panels goes up with the estimate in winter and in summer about 1000w in winter and about 2000w in summer. The solar panels of 280 offered in the solar kit come with approximately 1 meter of cable with MC4 quick connectors. See information solar panel 280w


Ingeteam 6TL Photovoltaic Inverter 

The photovoltaic inverter for the solar kit isolated with lithium batteries is the ingeteam Sun Storage 6TL, up to 6000w power, with single-phase output and up to 10kw of panel power, one of the best inverters on the market and one of the most used for installations photovoltaics in self-consumption as isolated houses.

Up to 4 operating modes; Isolated modes, direct panel mode, network manager and Back-up mode. With WIFI monitoring through the EMS TOOL app. One of the best in the solar energy sector, the Ingeteam 6TL hybrid inverter.

The inverter is configured to get the most out of the photovoltaic solar panels by storing surplus in the lithium batteries and if used with a grid connection it can function as an authentic intelligent energy manager. Undoubtedly one of the best options to install in high performance solar installations.

See more information about the inverter Ingeteam 6TL


2x LG Chem RESU 10 Lithium Battery  

LG Chem lithium batteries are one of the best batteries in the current market of photovoltaic solar energy storage, the Chem RESU series for off grid homes and self-consumption has become one of the main options when installing lithium batteries in solar installations. The LG battery of 10Kw operates at a voltage of 48v, which in combination with the inverter ingeteam 6TL form a real energy management equipment in of grid homes in homes with grid connection and batteries.

Total accumulated energy 2x LG Chem RESU 10 lithium battery, up to 20Kw

They connect to the LG Chem RESU expansion module


Optional: Ingeteam Monitoring System

A convenient and easy way to control at all times the production and energy consumption of your new solar installation. Igeteam's monitoring system incorporates a very intuitive mobile app (Android or Ios) with which you can see in real time the operation of the system and access the data accumulated for the periods you want. This extension of the kit is optional but its use is highly recommended.

inversor Ingeteam 3TL

Necessary for installations with battery connected to the electricity grid: Monophasic Lite Antivertido Kit

With this antivertide kit you can configure the system to prevent the discharge of current to the electrical network. The inverter analyzes the current flow, so that it generates only the energy demanded by the loads, avoiding grid injection. If the solar photovoltaic production is not sufficient, the electrical network will automatically provide the necessary power.

inversor Ingeteam 3TL

Install 38000Wh / day Off Grid Kit with LG Chem Lithium Battery

In Suministros del Sol we offer our installation service, a team of expert technicians with more than 10 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics can install your solar kit off  with the maximum guarantee and reliability. On the other hand, if you want the installation is simple, an electrician you trust with our technical advice can install the solar kit always following the instructions dictated by our technical team and the manufacturer of the components.

For more information about the off grid solar kit, permanent housing or for cottages of different uses either weekends or usual please, contact us we will help you without obligation. We offer our customized solar kit service or personified, we also carry out photovoltaic projects for self-consumption, irrigation and industrial, with the best engineers and obtaining very good results of efficiency, effectiveness and optimization.


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