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Three-phase Kostal PIKO CI 361.200Whday Auto Consumption Solar Kit

Kit solar Kostal PIKO 361.200Wh

Kostal Solar kit self-consumption with lithium batteries, producing up to 361.200Whday. The solar kit consists of 1x Hybrid Three-Phase Kostal Inverter PIKO CI 60 with intelligent electric current regulator and monitoring system140x solar panels 460W 144Cell. It is applied on residential homes, country houses, both for regular use and weekends.  

The kit self-consumption intelligently and efficiently manages energy sources, combines solar energy and grid, with zero injection.

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Self Consumption Kostal Solar Kit 361.200Whday

Autoconsumption solar kit with lithium battery designed to produce up to 361.200Whday, the kit has been designed taking into account an estimate of peak sun hours. It has been taken as minimum in winter 3 hours and for summer a minimum of 7 hours of sunshine.

To know if this kit is suitable for your needs, you must know what will be the consumption of the installation. In order to know the total daily consumption, you must make a list with the devices you are going to connect, the power (W) of each of them and the expected operating time in hours per day.

Dimension Solar Kit with Batteries

For example, if you have 4 points of light of 9W during 5 hours a day and a medium size class A+ refrigerator with freezer, your daily consumption in lighting is 4x9x5 =180 Wh/day. A refrigerator consumes between 600Wh/day and 800Wh/day. The sum of all these daily consumptions will be the total, that is, between 780Wh/day and 980Wh/day you need the kit to generate you.

Components Kit Autoconsumption Kostal PIKO CI 361.200Wh

140x 460w solar panels

The JUST solar JST-460M/144H solar panel is a high efficiency 460W monocrystalline module with 144 Half-Cell technology. JUST solar is one of the leading manufacturers in the photovoltaic market and all its modules meet the required quality standards. JUST solar panels come with a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear output warranty.

The JUST solar panels mount Risen cells with 9 Bus Bar technology. Risen is the world's leading manufacturer in the development of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. 

Panel solar

1x Hybrid Three-Phase Kostal Inverter PIKO CI 60

Kostal PIKO CI 60 Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter, optimized for the requirements of the largest photovoltaic installations, the new PIKO CI (Commercial Inverter) inverters in the 30, 50 and 60 kW power classes offer numerous options for the construction of plants within Projects.

The integrated KOSTAL Smart AC Switch makes external coupling switches no longer necessary and thus enables additional cost savings. At the same time, new project investors have increased safety and efficiency.

1x Energy Meter EM300 (0 Injection)

The Energy Meter EM300 current regulator has an important function in photovoltaic installations connected to the electrical network. On the one hand it measures the energy consumption of the house to distribute the solar energy generated optimally or accumulate it in the batteries avoiding the injection to the network and thus avoiding the loss of resource. Also thanks to wifi connectivity or cable lan can communicate with the inverter and our devices to allow proper monitoring at a distance. Valid for Kostal Piko MP Plus inverters and Kostal Piko Plenticore inverters.


1x Kostal Piko Solar Portal Monitoring system

A convenient and simple way to control the generation and consumption of energy of your new solar installation with which we can have access at all times to a graphical representation on our devices with real-time data, notifications of incidents, control of battery charge level and export of historical data. 


In our online store you can buy solar kit with batteries at the best price in the market, let's consult prices and we will offer the best option for your needs. For any information about the kit of auto consumption with batteries put in contact with us we will help you without commitment. 

Kit solar Kostal PIKO 361.200Wh

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