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SolarEdge 14500Wday solar kit for grid connection


Kit with SolarEdge inverter for direct self-consumption to grid type single-phase and zero discharge, capable of producing up to 14500Whday. This solar kit is composed of:

Recommended kit for residential houses, country houses and companies that consume during the day as it brings energy directly to the house and does not use accumulation systems.

This kit manages in an intelligent and efficient way the energy sources, combines solar energy and grid, with zero injection.

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How does the SolarEdge Kit 14500Whday for self-consumption with grid connection work?

This solar kit for single-phase self-consumption with solaredge inverter is designed for direct grid use, without accumulation system and can produce up to 14500Whday. The kit has been designed taking into account an estimate of peak sun hours. It has been taken as minimum in winter 3 hours and for summer a minimum of 7 hours of sunshine.

To know if this kit is suitable for your needs, you must know what will be the consumption of the installation. In order to know the total daily consumption, you must make a list of the devices you are going to connect, the power (W) of each of them and the expected operating time in hours per day.

How to properly dimension a Solar Kit direct to the grid?

For example, if you have 4 points of light of 9W during 5 hours a day and a refrigerator class A+ of average size with freezer, your daily consumption in illumination is 4x9x5 =180 Wh/day. A refrigerator consumes between 600Wh/day and 800Wh/day. The sum of all these daily consumptions will be the total, that is, between 780Wh/day and 980Wh/day you need the kit to generate you.

14500Whdía SolarEdge Kit Parts: 

9x 270w Solar Panels

The 270W 60Cel. photovoltaic solar panels of grid connection (MPPT) manufactured in Europe with a guarantee of 25 years, are solar panels made of polycrystalline silicon, the most used in today's market for its enormous reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. The 270w solar panels consist of 60 cells. Grid-connected solar panels should be used with MPPT type solar regulators.

The energy production of these panels rounds with the estimate winter - summer about 1000w in winter and about 2000w in summer. The 270 solar panels offered in the solar kit come with approximately 1 meter of cable with MC4 fast connectors.

Panel Solar 270W

1x Inversor SolarEdge HD-Wave SE3000H

The SolarEdge HD-Wave SE3000H inverter is suitable for single-phase residential or business installations.

This inverter allows us to interconnect with the electricity grid without the need for batteries, which makes it ideal for homes or companies that carry out most of the consumption during the day. This type of installations are therefore much more economical, profitable and with no need for maintenance.

This inverter must be installed together with the solaredge P370 optimizers for solar panels. It allows quick setup using the SetApp platform and can be extended with LG Chem high voltage lithium accumulator batteries using StorEdge.



9x Optimizers SolarEdge P370

The SolarEdge P370 optimizer is a necessary element for self-consumption installations with SolarEdge inverters. Each panel of the system must have an optimizer that avoids the power losses generated by the shadows, so that gives us greater flexibility when making the structure of the installation. This device also converts the panels into intelligent modules allowing individual monitoring and resolving quickly the faults that could occur in our facility.

- Suitable for panels of 60-72 cells and up to 370W of power.

- Working range between 8 and 60Vdc.

- Maximum absolute input voltage of 60Voc for the lowest temperatures.

- Maximum efficiency of 99.5%.

- Minimum string length: 8 optimizers for HD-Wave inverters.


optimizador solaredge p370

1x Toroidal Clamp SolarEdge 100A

A necessary component to adequately measure the flow of electric current that passes through each phase of our installation. It is complemented with the SolarEdge Energy Meter and collects all the consumption and energy production of the house so that we obtain valuable data to control and optimize at all times our photovoltaic system.

-High precision readings.

-Fast communication thanks to the Modbus RTU interface.

-Allows intelligent management of the SolarEdge inverter.

-Optimizes the electrical self-consumption of both batteries and photovoltaic production.

-The Energy Meter and the Toroidal Clamp are necessary for the correct operation.

- The complete SolarEdge solution is valid, both in single-phase and three-phase voltage.

Pinza toroidal solaredge de 100A

1x SolarEdge Energy Meter Modbus

Measures the energy passing through each of the phases of the installation with the help of the toroidal clamp. All the information is communicated to the SolarEdge inverter in such a way that it properly manages the self-consumption and also avoids the discharge of energy to the electrical grid.

The Modbus energy meter device from solaredge also allows the system to be managed when accumulation batteries are installed together with the Storedge interface.

SolarEdge Energy Meter Modbus

SolarEdge Monitoring System

A simple and interactive way of visualizing, archiving and analyzing the data of our photovoltaic installation thanks to the connectivity of our devices. Real time data from any device.

It also has an App to access the data in any device at any time.

Monitorización Fronius Solar Web.png
In our online shop you can buy photovoltaic kits for self-consumption for grid connection at the best price. Call us and create your own custom kit with the help of our engineers. For any information about this Solaredge network kit you can contact us at any time.

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