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WeCo lithium battery 5,3kWh 48V|ESS - 5K3 - Dual Voltage

weco 5k3

The WeCo 5.3kWh 48V lithium battery with modular system is one of the most outstanding storage systems for use in stand-alone or self-consumption photovoltaic installations.

The WeCo ESS - 5K3 - Dual Voltage universal battery is compatible with the most widely used inverter brands; Goodwe, Voltronic Axpert, Studer, Sma, Growatt...

Module capacity: 5,3kWh

Dimensions: 460x520x155mm | Weight: 53kg

Modular system: Max. 5 units in parallel or 25 units with WeCo Expansion Hub.

Low voltage / high voltage applications

Product guarantee: 10 years

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Features WeCo 5,3kWh 48V lithium battery - ESS 5K3

The WeCo modular lithium battery is one of the most advanced on the market for storage in photovoltaic solar energy systems. The WeCo battery is expandable and allows to connect from 1 module of 5.3kWh to 5 modules in parallel or even to add 5 clusters of 5 modules each thanks to the WeCo HUB to reach up to 132.5kWh.

 Technical datasheet WeCo 5K3 lithium battery

 Installation manual WeCo 5K3 lithium battery

 Guarantee of WeCo 5K3 Lithium battery

The WeCo modular lithium battery is one of the most popular and most efficient lithium batteries on the market: 

- Battery with universal compatibility: The WeCo battery works with the inverters of the main brands on the market such as Goodwe in the case of self-consumption or Voltronic Axpert for isolated houses. It can also work with any other brand without communication, simply by adding the values recommended by the manufacturer. 

- 100% depth of discharge: One of the few batteries on the market that allows complete discharges with 7800 cycles at 100%. 

- Charge/Discharge Intensity: Thanks to its active equalizer and cell technology, it allows a higher charge and discharge intensity than most competitive batteries. The 1C charge and discharge allows the battery to be fully charged in 1 hour and discharged to over 5,000Wh. 

- BMS or intelligent BMU: The BMS is one of the indispensable electronic components in lithium batteries, providing constant monitoring of battery charging and discharging and enabling totally safe operation. The BMS system in the WeCo lithium battery is one of the most advanced in the energy storage industry. 

- Operation under extreme temperatures: WeCo 5K3 battery modules can operate between -25°C and 65°C.

caracterísitcas baterías de litio Weco

- Active Equaliser: Another major advantage of this battery over the competition is its active equaliser which ensures constant cell balancing and prevents loss of performance. 

WeCo's active equaliser exchanges energy between higher voltage cells and lower voltage cells. This system allows for high charging and discharging efficiency. Another interesting advantage of this equaliser is its ability to match high currents, which can compensate more than 10A between cells, enabling immediate balancing.

The active equaliser plays a key role in extending the life of the WeCo battery and achieving a fully efficient system.


How to connect WeCo lithium batteries in parallel?

The modular system of the WeCo battery allows us to expand our system according to our needs. In low voltage systems we can add 5.3kWh WeCo battery modules and expand up to a 5-battery cluster of 26.5kWh in parallel. The compact and handy design of the battery allows it to be fixed to the wall when using a single module or to stack the batteries securely when using more than one module. The WeCo battery does not require a cabinet and the necessary communication cables are included. 

If we want to connect more than 5 modules in our low voltage system, we will need a WeCo Expansion Hub. Thanks to the Hub we can make up to 5 battery clusters and reach 130kWh capacity. 

If what we need is a high voltage system with WeCo, we will need a minimum of 15.6kWh to start working, i.e. 3 battery modules. By connecting multiple clusters we can reach a capacity of up to 561.4kWh. 

¿Cómo conectar varios módulos de batería Weco?

Weco Batteries monitoring and mobile app

The WeCo battery allows Wifi connection compatible with 5G, which allows a quick and easy configuration and start-up. WeCo batteries have their own mobile App WeCo Batteries with which we can monitor the status of our storage system at all times. To control our WeCo battery via mobile phone we need to add a WeCo Wifi accessory.

app weco batteries

weco 5k3

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