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Ingecon Sun Storage 6TL inverter

Ingecon Storage 6TL

Ingecon Sun Lite 5TL single phase transformerless inverter.

Ingeteam inverter. 5500W. 26,2A.

Single phase transformerless inverters, intended for the residential sector and for larger, decentralised projects.

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Ingecon Sun Storage 6TL inverter single phase. 6000W. 26A.

The inverter of batteries INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play generates an isolated alternating network and acts as a network manager, achieving the balance between generation, accumulation and consumption. To do this, it controls the flow of energy between the network and the batteries at all times. Its advanced technology of management of batteries, ensures the maximum useful life of the system of storage, controlling his temperature continuously by means of a sensor PT100 of three threads.

INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play allows the creation of single-phase and three-phase isolated networks, as well as extending the power of the installation through the parallelization of INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play equipment. Optionally, the equipment can integrate a photovoltaic input, making it much more versatile and making the whole installation cheaper, since it allows integrating the inverter of batteries and the PV inverter in a single device.

This inverter Ingeteam Ingecon Storage 6TL has 4 operating modes

Isolated mode: the renewable energy source is used to power the loads and to charge batteries. The auxiliary source (a generator or the public network) only connects when the state of charge of the batteries is lower than a certain programmable level.

As a special case, with this inverter it is possible to implement Direct Panel Mode in installations without a storage system. The system would only work when there is solar resource.

The Ingeteam Sun Storage Inverter acts as a network manager ensuring the balance between generation, consumption and storage system. To achieve this, this inverter controls the flow of energy from the network and batteries depending on each moment

  • Back-up mode: the inverter connects to the network when the public network is present. The surplus energy is injected into the network. The batteries are kept charged to guarantee a reserve of energy in case of a power failure. That stored energy will be used only when the network is not available. Within this mode of operation, peak shaving strategies can be implemented to eliminate peaks of consumption and reduce the contracted power.
  • Self-consumption mode: the inverter works connected to the network. If the generated energy is greater than the one demanded, the surplus is used to charge batteries or is injected into the network if the batteries 
  • They are loaded. If the loads demand more energy than that produced by the renewable source, the batteries are responsible for providing this energy. Within this mode of operation, peak shaving strategies can be implemented to eliminate peaks of consumption and reduce the contracted power.
  • Network support mode: the inverter can adapt the output power of the PV system to a pre-established value, maintaining a constant power value or controlling the power variation ramp. For this, an external controller is necessary, the INGECON EMS Manager.

Download Technical Sheet Ingeteam Sun Storage 6TL

Ingecon Storage 6TL Inverter Monitoring

The Ingecon Sun Storage Investor allows the configuration and monitoring of self-consumption facilities through its software. With the tool Ingecon Sun EMS Tools you can perform the monitoring and configuration of self-consumption facilities governed by the INGECON SUN EMS Board through a PC.

A simple tool that allows users to provide software that is close to the Plug & Play philosophy: simple and intuitive interface for their installation and operation. The program can be downloaded for free at Compatible with 32 and 64 bit configurations. The software requires the Microsoft platform. NET Framework 4.1 (usually included as part of the operating system) and windows 7 or higher.

To monitor from a Smartphone or tablet is available the App for iOS and Android, through the EMS Tools application you can monitor the facilities of self-consumption and see:

Real-time information

Data histoy

Maximum savings

Download Manual EMS Tool Monotization Ingeteam

Integrated accessories Ingeteam Sun Storage inverter

  • Integrated accessories RS-485 communication inverter.
  • Quick connectors DC and AC.
  • Protection against reverse polarity.
  • Protection against insulation failure.
  • Overvoltage protections (DC and AC type 3 surge arresters).
  • Anti-island with automatic disconnection.
  • Free contact potential configurable by display to indicate insulation failure (default) or network connection (optional).

Optional accessories Ingeteam Sun Storage inverter

  • DC disconnector.
  • Inter-inverter communication via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Remote communication GSM / GPRS.

For more information about Ingeteam inverters as well as other photo voltaic components contacte con nosotros le ayudaremos y asesoraremos sobre cual equipo es el que mas se adapte a sus necesidades.

Ingecon Storage 6TL

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