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Huawei Smart PV Optimizer SUN2000P-375W


Get the most out of your photovoltaic installation with the Huawei Smart PV SUN2000P-375W solar panel optimizer.  Maximum efficiency of each panel (99.5%). Increases the flexibility of the installation since it allows to take advantage of the whole roof and place the modules in different inclinations and directions. The Huawei panel optimizer avoids the loss of performance of the system that would cause the projection of shadows on the installation.

  • Particularly suitable for use with Huawei inverters of the SUN2000L series.
  • Allows to connect panels up to 375W.
  • Allows monitoring of status and individual performance of each panel.


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Why use the Huawei Smart PV Optimizer SUN2000P-375W?

The huawei smart pv solar panel optimizers allow us to get the most out of our self-consuming photovoltaic system while giving flexibility to the installation. The optimizer allows the installation of solar panels in different positions and inclinations because the different intensity of solar collection or possible shadows will not affect the rest of the installation.

Characteristics of Huawei Smart PV Optimizer

  • Maximum efficiency of 99.5% and a weighted efficiency of 99%.
  • Allows more panels on the roof as it opens the possibilities of installation in different inclinations and positions.
  • Supports the installation of solar panels in areas that often enter shadows.
  • Easy installation
  • Remote monitoring of each of the installed modules.
  • Suitable for panels <375W
  • Ideal for photovoltaic installations with inverters Huawei FusionHome SUN2000L-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5KTL

 Data Sheet for Huawei Smart PV Optimizer

 Installation Manual for Huawei Smart PV Optimizer


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