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INVT iMARS MG4KTL - Single-phase grid inverter 4kW and 1 MPPT


The INVT iMARS MG4KTL 4kW single-phase grid inverter is part of the MG series, a new generation of single-phase PV inverters that has been developed by INVT for residential users. The MG series inverters have the advantages of being compact, lightweight, easy to install and maintain and, above all, cost-effective.

-RS485, GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet (Ethernet)

-Adaptive intelligent network to meet the requirements of different accesses to the power grid

-Stick de Monitorización Wi-Fi included

Dimensions: 405x360x150mm | Warranty: 5 años

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INVT iMARS MG4KTL | Single-Phase grid inverter 4kW and 1 MPPT 

- Efficient: German core technology, ultra wide voltage range, very low starting voltage and higher conversion efficiency (maximum efficiency up to 97.3%); and 1 MPPT, adapt to complex roof environment and increase power generation

- Reliable: Aluminum housing, natural heat dissipation, IP65 protection rating, internationally renowned brand components to ensure stable operation of the inverter, product liability insurance and liability insurance for errors or omissions are covered by the international property insurance company AIG

- Intelligence: Adaptive Intelligent Network, variety of monitoring modes: APP (one-button logging), large screen data monitoring center, cloud monitoring platform, supports RS485, GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet

-Simple: Homemade audiovisual design, easy to use, small in size, light in weight, and easy to install by one person.

Technical datasheet INVT iMars MG4KTL 1 MPPT

User manual INVT iMars MG4KTL 1 MPPT

Technical datasheet INVT iMARS MG4KT with 1 MPPT

technical datasheet invt imars mg4ktl 1 mppt

INVT has all the safety certificates and offers 5 years warranty for its inverter series.

warranty invt imars mk4ktl 1 mppt


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