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How to Choose the Right Solar Pool Treatment Kit?

"To correctly choose the solar kit for the purification of the pool, it is necessary to know the volume of water in the most accurate way possible, once we know the volume of water we choose the right kit to purify said volume of water. we also have the option of converting our current treatment plant to a solar treatment plant, maintaining the same water pump but supplying it with solar energy "

Dimensioning of the Solar Treatment Kit for Swimming Pools, Calculation of the cubic meters of Water

The dimensioning of the solar water treatment plant is very important, the system must work enough to purify the water at 100% but without spending on the capacity of the purifier because in that case we would be wasting power and energy in addition to the cost increase of the equipment that does not they will be necessary, in addition to lengthening amortization periods, more energy consumption etc.

The first thing we must calculate is the cubic meters of water in our pool, with this data we can choose and size the pool pump and other components, which will be necessary to purify the volume of water.

There are different types of pools and shapes, so we use a different calculation method for each of them. Data such as length, average depth and width are necessary to calculate the volume of water as accurately as possible.

The second step before buying the solar pool treatment kit is to choose the pump of the treatment plant, once we know the liters of water in our pool we look for the pool pump that can pump the water to the filtration system and get a purification Efficient and effective.

You can buy solar treatment kits for pools optimized by volume of water to be purified, in Suministros del Sol:

-Kit solar pool cleaner up to 50000 liters

-Kit solar pool cleaner 50000-65000 liters

-Kit solar pool cleaner 65000-75000 liters

-Kit solar pool cleaner 75000-100000 liters

-Kit Conversion to Solar (Kit without Pump)

Calculation of the cubic meters of water of the most usual and standard pools

Depending on the shape of the pool we can make a more accurate calculation of the capacity of the pool, the most entandares forms are; square pools, round pools and oval pools.

1. Calculation of water capacity of an oval pool:

Maximum length * Maximum width * Average depth * 0'89 = m3 of water

2. Calculation of water capacity of a square or rectangular pool:

Length * Width * Depth = m3 of water

3. Calculation of water capacity of a round pool:

Diameter * Diameter * Average depth * 0'79

The values ​​obtained are indicative, in order to know the exact cubic meters of water, a more technical and detailed study of each particular pool should be done.

Once we have obtained data such as the capacity in cubic meters of water, we can select the solar kit that best suits our pool. If you want more information about the solar treatment kit or the solar conversion kit to solar contact us we will help you without obligation.


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