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Voltronic Axpert - MAX 7200W 48V | Off-gris solar inverter


Inverter Axpert MAX 7200W 48V all in one multifunctional 7200W and 48V that combines functions of inverter, solar mppt regulator and battery charger to provide uninterruptible power supply in portable size.

The 7200W 48V Voltronic Axpert MAX isolated inverter will allow us to connect panels to be able to work in a hybrid way, with an efficiency similar to most solar inverters connected to the grid, with this inverter it could work with a high voltage photovoltaic field.

- Dimensions: 147,4 x 432,5 x 553,6mm

- Weight: 14,1kg

- Wifi: Android o iOS App monitoring

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Inverter Voltronic Axpert MAX 7200W-48V

New hybrid inverter Axpert max 7200w at 48v from the voltronic brand. This new equipment is the most powerful inverter created by voltronic and with the highest connection capacity in solar panels thanks to its double mppt input of 80 amps and 500v.

In a voltronic axpert max 7200w we can install up to 8000w of photovoltaic field and also its possibility of expansion in parallel with up to 6 units make the max a leading equipment in all senses for single-phase and three-phase systems.

 Technical Datasheet Voltronic Axpert - Max 7200W 48V

 Installation manual inverter Voltronic Axpert - Max 7200W 48V

Main characteristics of the new Axpert MAX 7200W-48V inverter

Ficha Tecnica Inversor Axpert Max 7200w

Technical sheet of the Axpert MAX 7200W-48V inverter for isolated installations

Ficha Tecnica Inversor Axpert Max 7200w

Double mppt of 500v and 80A.

The new axpert max hybrid inverter has two independent inputs of up to 500v and 80 amps to connect up to 4000w in solar panels in each of them. With the two inputs to the maximum we have a photovoltaic field of 8000w to power consumption and charge batteries. The starting range has been decreased and at only 90 volts input the mppt will already work to generate solar energy.

The hybrid inverter has an 80 amp AC charger for cloudy days

The 80 amp battery charger of this hybrid allows that if the battery ever dies due to bad weather the hybrid inverter can use the source of a generator or electrical network to charge it in a few hours. For example. an 800 amp battery 80% depleted would replenish your face in about 8 hours. If the load source is a generator, it must be a low harmonic distortion inverter. Non-inverter generators may not be supported by the equipment as having correct margins to run.

All-in-one inverter with LCD where you can see all the data of the solar installation.

On this screen you will monitor the entire system in an easy and intuitive way, voltage and power of the solar panels, consumed power, frequency and output voltage, as well as being able to program a multitude of options and operating priorities. Very intuitive to use.

It includes software for windows and linux where you can monitor the system from a pc to modify values, download historical records, set alarms, ...

Axpert multifunction all-in-one inverter warranty

All axpert all-in-one inverters come with a 2-year warranty (free repair of the inverter provided it is not due to misuse)


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