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Inverter Voltronic Axpert VM3000-24VPlus 60A


Inverter Voltronic Axpert VM 3000W-24VPlus

This is a multi-functional inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support in portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.

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Axpert VM All in One Inverter 3000 MPPT 24V 60A

Inverter-charger-regulator of 24V and 3000W of nominal power, with 60A battery charger, 60A MPPT charge regulator for solar modules. Axpert VM3000-24 Plus model that allows the equalization of batteries.

3-in-1 equipment that combines 230V inverter, battery charger when an auxiliary alternating current input is connected (network, generator set or similar) and a solar charge maximizing regulator from solar panels.

Axpert inverter of maximum performance, designed for small autonomous solar installations.

It incorporates MPPT charge regulator maximizer for MPPT modules and battery charger with high charging current.

24Vdc working voltage.

Main Features:

- Pure sine wave solar inverter

- Output power factor 1

- Selectable high power charging current

- Wide DC input range

- Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers

- Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting

- Compatible with mains voltage or generator power

- Auto restar while AC is recovering

- Overload and short circuit protection

- Smart battery charger design for optimized battery perfomance

- Optional anti-dusk kit

Qualities of the Axpert multifunction all in one inverter VM 3000W MPPT 60A

A renewed design with connectors for batteries and solar panels easier to connect are the main external changes compared to previous models. Internally it comes with additional functions that improve the charge of the batteries in front of the first multifunctional hybrid inverters.

Equalization charge

Possibility of performing equalization in manual and automatic programming intervals from 1 to 90 days from the menu. It allows an equalization voltage of 27V, essential in lead acid batteries.

Equalization time

From the menu we can select the equalization time from 30 to 900 min.

Protection voltage

Triggering time of the equipment increased up to 33 volts can thus be used with more types of batteries and new technologies that appear.

FP1 (Power factor 1)

The new axpert 3000W PF1 all in one inverter increases power by 25% compared to the previous model, thus providing a real 3000W output.

Axpert pure sine wave hybrid inverter

The new all in one 24V 3000W MPPT 60A is a powerful pure sine wave inverter suitable for connecting any appliance, motor, ... up to 3000W. It allows to work at 110% several minutes and double its power for 5 seconds for inductive loads and engine start thanks to its high power of overload.

MPPT 60A regulator

MPPT regulator of 60A and up to 145 volts in open circuit. The MPPT regulator charge voltage allows to reach 27 volts to be able to use lead acid, gel or agm batteries.

The all in one inverter comes with a 60A ac charger to charge if necessary.

60-amp battery charger that allows you to use the electrical network or a generator to charge batteries if necessary. Ability to charge 120 amps with network and solar panels delivering power simultaneously to the batteries.

All in One inverter with LCD where you can see all the data of the solar installation.

In this screen you will monitor the whole system in an easy and intuitive way, voltage and power of the solar panels, power consumed, the frequency and voltage of output as well as being able to program a multitude of options and priorities of operation. Very intuitive to use.

Includes software for windows and linux where you can monitor the system from a PC to modify values, download history, set alarms, ...

Inverter Voltronic Axpert VM 3000-24Plus

Inverter Voltronic Axpert VM 3000W-24VPlus

Axpert multifunction all in one inverters warranty

All axpert all in one inverters come with a 2-year warranty (repair without investor costs provided it is not due to misuse)

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