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Vatímetro inteligente Chint Trifásico (SolaX Boost-Hybrid)


Three-phase Chint energy meter is designed to monitor power and to measure the energy in power systems. It belongs to a generation of programmable intelligent instruments, integrated with monitoring and communication functions. It is mainly thought to be used for real-time measurement and display for electrical parameters such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor...

Compatible with SolaX Boost and Hybrid inverters.

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Main functions and characteristics

  • DIN35mm standard for rail mounting.
  • Segment LCD display.
  • Measurement parameters: voltage, current, active and reactive power, frequency, power factor...
  • RS485 communication. DL/T645-2007 protocol is supported, customizable for MODBUS-RTU protocol.
  • Top, peak, flat and valley rates are supported.
  • Suggested installation along with SolaX (Boost and Hybrid) inverters.

Main parameters

Technical parameters





Input signal




Wiring mode

Three phase four wire

Voltage specification

AC 3×220V/380V

Specified work voltage range

0.9Un~1.1Un; the extensional work    voltage range: 0.8Un~1.2Un

Consumption of the voltage circuit

≤5VA/1W(each phase)





Rated value

Via PT/CT input   AC1.5(6)A

Direct input   AC 5(80)A


Current overload

Via PT/CT input: instant:201max, time of application: 0.5S

Direct input: instant:301max, time of application: half cycle of the rated frequency

Consumption of the current circuit



<20mΩ(each phase)


Input range






Segment LCD


Measurement parameters & grade

Voltage Class 0.5; Current Class 0.5; Power factor Class 1;

Frequency Class 0.5; 
     Active power: 1.5(6)A Class 0.5/5(80)A Class 1; 

Reactive power :Class 1;
     Active energy: 1.5(6)A Class 0.5/5(80)A Class 1;

Reactive energy: Class 2;



Multi-rate energy

Support positive/negative total active/reactive    multi-rate measurement function

Four-quadrant energy

Support reactive four quadrant energy    measurement function

Max. demand record

Support positive/negative total    active/reactive max. demand record, demand cycle and slip time can be set

Pulse constant

AC3×200V/380V  AC1.5(6)A     6400imp/kWh(imp/kvarh)

AC3×200V/380V  AC5(80)A     400imp/kWh(imp/kvarh)


Pulse signal output

Provide 1 set(active/reactive energy)optical signal and optocoupler isolated open collector electrical signal pulse    output, pulse length:80ms±16ms



RS485 communication

Support MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645-2007    communication protocol(switchable), the communication baud rate 1200bps,    2400bps,4800bps,9600bps can be set, assumed to be 9600bps

IR communication(*)

Support MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645-2007    communication protocol(switchable), Infrared wavelength: 900nm~1000nm  communication baud rate:1200bps communication angle: ≥±15°      communication distance:≥4m


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