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solar panels 60 cells

Solar Panels 60 celulas (MPPT use)

Solar panels

One of the indispensable components in the photovoltaic installation, the solar panels, the choice of the panels, a very important role, choosing the type of panel, the measurement, the voltage and making an adequate study for our energy needs, can make you save money and problems of operation in the solar installation in the future.




In our section of solar panels you can choose what will best suit your needs, depending on where it is installed, the type of inverter, the type of batteries and the amount of energy that should be chosen. We have solar panels at 12V, 60 and 72 cells.

It is not necessary to be an expert in solar panel assembly or have a broad knowledge of electricity. If we want to make our house self-sufficient with solar energy we have to make an estimate of our consumers. If our consumption is majority on weekends or weekdays, at the hours when we get higher consumption, type of household appliances, if we have LED bulbs ... etc.

Depending on these variables we will choose the number of solar panels so that we can assemble to obtain the necessary power to supply our consumption.

From Suministros del Sol we offer to help you in your project of efficient work your house using renewable energies through a photovoltaic installation. We advise you in the calculation of consumption and we propose a kit of solar panels to obtain the necessary power, as well as the compatibility with the different components and equipment.