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Voltronic Power. Axpert inverters and charge controllers

Voltronic - Axpert solar inverter

Voltronic Power manufactures the versatile axks MKS inverters for isolated or battery-connected installations, it also stands out for the quality and very affordable price of its InfiniSolar network inverters for both single-phase and three-phase installations.


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Voltronic Power is certainly the leading sales manufacturer in inverters for photovoltaics thanks to the quality presented at really low prices. Among other things, it offers inverter chargers for Axpert stand-alone systems up to 5kW. In addition, Axpert's isolated inverters are compatible with one of the most affordable next-generation lithium batteries on the market, the pylontech us 2000 plus. Voltronic InfiniSolar inverters offer a range of up to 10kW for grid-mounted battery installations.