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Secure Payment

In you can make purchases online with Credit Card through the payment gateway, through Paypal - AmazonPay or through Transfer.

In any case, transaction security and data privacy is guaranteed.

1) Payment gateway (Credit or debit card)

In case of using the card payment through our Banco Santander payment gateway, it is a totally secure server, based on the SSL standard that prevents any third party from accessing the data:

- SSL protocols guarantee the confidentiality of personal and bank data by means of the most advanced encryption technologies.

- Your card details will not be stored in our database as they will be transferred to the secure website of the chosen bank when they are filled in.

- In addition, the cards have extra protection offered by the issuing institution: digital pin, sms keys, anti-fraud insurance, etc ...

You will be asked to pay by card:

(i) name and surname;

(ii) card number;

(iii) CVV/CVC;

(iv) card expiry date;

Once you have validated all the information about your purchase (items, shipping methods, delivery address and billing) a choice will appear to choose which payment method you want to use and enter your data.

In the event that the payment platform informs the denial of the card, the order will be automatically canceled, informing online and at the time, the customer of the cancellation as mentioned above. Payments cannot be made with cards issued outside Spanish territory.

2) Bank transfer

 Customers in Spain can choose this form of payment.

Transfer Data: Banco Santander - IBAN ES51 0049 3202 27 2214041323

You will have 72 hours (3 days) to make the deposit and attach proof of payment by email to

IMPORTANT: The order number and customer name must appear as a concept for the operation to be effective.

3) General Provisions of the Payment Process

- The order of payment given by the User necessarily implies the adhesion to these General Conditions as well as of the particular conditions of the order.

- For any form of payment chosen by the User, all payments will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the User by the financial institutions involved or by the secure payment platforms (e.g. Visa, Mastercad, PayPal, etc.).

-Once the payment has been made correctly, the User will receive two informative and confirmation emails accrediting the essential conditions of the operation: Services contracted, and description of the provision of the same - Products sent to the address indicated by the User.

The confirmation email will contain the invoice of the product with which the User may, upon receipt of the order, request the guarantee to the relevant merchant.

In any case, through the website, the User will always have access to the information on their orders and their corresponding invoices for the purchases purchased.

The Provider reserves the right to cancel payments or orders in the event of indications of fraudulent operations, informing the competent authorities of the conduct that may be investigated to prevent fraud.